When To Not Get a Massage

When To Not Get a Massage

Massage therapy has numerous advantages; however, it may not be the correct approach for every condition. If you’re looking to pamper yourself or ease a few sore muscles, then massage therapy is an excellent solution. Many people have adopted regular massage and spa treatments to relax their bodies and minds. Some have even opted for massage therapy instead of medication. Today we will discuss when you should avoid visiting any Abu Dhabi spa and massage center.


If you are unsure, make sure to consult your therapist about your condition and clarify all the doubts you have. They would advise you if a massage is required and its duration. Massage therapists have studied numerous health conditions; however, we also recommend you speak with your medical practitioner and check if massage therapy is required in your situation. Usually, massages are discouraged if a person has an active infection because the massage can spread the infection to other parts of the body. If you’re running a temperature, we recommend avoiding a massage as the fever would increase. If you have a particular skin condition, you must avoid massage. Discuss your condition with your medical practitioner and massage therapist before booking an appointment.

Health Condition

There has been discussion on whether or not a person with active cancer should receive massage and whether or not the afflicted area should be rubbed. Massage stimulates blood circulation and boosts metabolic activity. As a result, if a person has cancer, the massage may contribute to the spread of the disease. Massage is permissible under specific circumstances, such as when a person is in extreme pain or is getting hospice care; however, one must negotiate this with the patient and the medical practitioner ahead of time. The patient must be informed about the benefits and drawbacks of massage.

Circulatory Condition

Many have also discouraged massage in this particular condition, especially if the patient has a blood clot. The risks involved in this specific situation are that massage could dislodge the clot and travel to the person’s lungs. It can be life-threatening. A blood clot usually experiences excruciating pain when swelling in a particular region. Blood clots are commonly found in the arms and legs. If you think you may have this specific condition, we recommend consulting your medical practitioner.

In Conclusion

Overall, before scheduling a body massage, you must ensure that you do not have a fever, rashes, wounds, feeling dizzy, or recently met with an accident. It is crucial to cure the medical condition and consult your medical practitioner before booking your appointment post-recovery. So be sure you discuss your situation with your massage therapist before the massage.

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