I’m Pregnant – Can I Still Go for a Massage?

I’m Pregnant – Can I Still Go for a Massage?

To answer your question, it is yes. You can get a massage if you are pregnant. In fact, it is a good alternative to help your body relax and to take care of the extra weight for a while. Though it is always suggested and advised to seek professional help in such cases. As some pressure points and techniques might cause contraction or premature labor. Try to find out if your masseuse is aware of prenatal massage. This type of massage is specially designed to cater for the needs of pregnant women. Do check Dubai luxury massage and try to find if they have such services.

Things To Remember Before Going for a Massage

Always consult your doctor before going for any massage. You can also ask your doctor if they are aware of any good places to get one. If the doctor provides you with any guidelines make sure you stick to them. Here are some things to take into consideration before going for a massage.

Avoid Massage During the First Trimester

Many massage therapists are of the opinion that one should not get a massage in the first trimester of the pregnancy. This is because the first 12 weeks are crucial for your baby. As there is increased blood flow during the massage session, this can harm the baby’s development. Also, after the first trimester the risk of a miscarriage is also reduced.

Prior Medical Conditions

While you are getting a massage, the circulatory system gets activated and pumps more blood through your body. If you have any prior medical condition like blood pressure, any heart diseases, recent injury or surgery it could be safe to talk to your doctor before booking an appointment. This way any sort of complications can be avoided.

Check the Place

Before booking your appointment do a thorough check of the place. Read about its reviews online or try speaking to people who have been there. See if it’s hygienic or not, if they have the proper equipment to support you as the bed and seat you might require might be different from the regular ones and have the professional help with the proper prenatal massage certification.

In Conclusion

Apart from all this and keeping all the tips in mind it is always a good option to book yourself an appointment during your pregnancy. It will help you fight body ache and fatigue and will keep you as active as possible. Here is one place you should try out if you are looking forward to getting a relaxing massage session, Elisspa.ae.

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